Linda Wolschlager, CNC

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     Holistic Nutritional Counseling - Heal Your Body Naturally!
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Certified Nutrition Counselor, Trinity College of Natural Health, Indiana.  My own personal health issues led me to find that traditional medicine was not always the way to go, and I was able to overcome a serious long term virus with the right nutrition and supplements.  I am passionate to educate people about natural health/environmental and food toxins and what you need to be watching out for to protect yourself in our everyday life against these things. Speaking engagements available for your group or corporate/business setting on topics of any health interest.

  • I am a national writer for as "Detroit Natural Health" contributor
  • Appointments available by Skype if you are not local.
  • I help you to learn to take control of your own health.  You will learn to change what you are putting in your body that will do the greatest good without the need for many pharmaceutical medicines.  I will get to the ROOT CAUSE of your problems rather than masking them with prescription medicines that cause side effects.
  • When we meet I will be sure you get a comprehensive and thorough consultation of all of your health needs for now and the future.  I will recommend the nutrition eating lifestyle plan that will be tailored just for you.  No 'cookie-cutter' approach. 
  • Supplements or herbs for your specific issues will be recommended that I can have delivered to your door, or you can shop for them yourself with my recommendations.
  • I am an expert at helping you:
  • get more energy
  • clear up digestive and elimination issues
  • lose weight
  • stop your high cholesterol, high blood pressure or high sugar
  • balance hormones
  • help with arthritis/joint issues and inflammation - All based on your individual specific issues using the right nutrition and supplements for you.

I have spent the last 20 years researching natural health and can share a lot of information with you.

Call: 248-752-0109 or email:



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